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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Everywhere Zen:

Finding peace, ease and stability 

in a dynamic world.

Everywhere practice means there is nowhere practice does not reach; 

no situation practice is not suited for; no moment, no breath that 

is not absolutely practice.​

​Most of us live busy, demanding lives. We may think of our jobs, 

our relationships, family and friends as obstacles to practice. 

     "If only things would slow down, then I could get to practice."

     "If only I could get away."

      "If only my boss, my partner, my kid would leave me alone, 

       then I could practice."

We imagine we need a quiet, distant mountain top in order to practice, 

in order to truly find peace, ease and stability.

              dynamic world.jpg

But life is dynamic, always in flux, always fluid.  

Practice is life and life is practice.

Practice is not about getting away from all the challenging 

circumstances of our lives but rather about being in the midst 

of them with presence and space, with stability, 

with awareness and ease. 

Practice is radical inclusion.

The invitation is to deeply connect with our lives 

right here, right now,

    in each and every moment,

    in each and every breath, 

    no matter what.  

​​This we can each do.

​Practice doesn't require special garb or equipment. 

It doesn't require years of text or sutra study.  

(Though all of the above may be helpful.) 

Practice only requires that we bring our 

   intention and our attention 

to each moment as it arises.

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